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Who We Are

A New Experience for Everyone

We have been sharing our beautiful institute with the community since 1988. The gallery includes artists of many generations whose work spans a wide range of mediums, from sculpture and painting to video and photography, and who share a common interest in the conceptual investigation.

The Future

We always have a vision of the future where the virtual tours of our exhibitions are an important foundation, we invest money and time in having an infrastructure both in our property for physical exhibitions and for virtual tours, where there is no setback to satisfy the tours of our visitors.

Supporting in New Ways

We are always looking for new emerging talents that need a great diffusion, we provide a visual showcase and support to artists who need an opportunity to get to know their work.


New ideas or suggestions are always welcome. We want to keep improving our institute for our community.

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123 Blue Dr., Highland Park, CO 28472

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